Slink appliers are designed to work with Slink Hands & Feet (Bento & Non-Bento).


Maitreya nail appliers are designed to work with the Maitreya Lara mesh body.
*(see note below)


Vista nail appliers are designed to work with Vista Bento ProHands.


TuTy appliers are designed to work with Tuty Bento Female Hands.
*(see note below)


Omega appliers are designed to work with Omega enabled mesh bodies.
*(see note below)

Omega FAQ's

To use Omega nail appliers, first make sure your mesh body supports Omega nails.  For a list of compatible Omega enabled bodies, visit Omega Supported Meshes.


If the Omega supported product you own doesn’t come with Omega pre-installed, you’ll need to purchase an Omega Install Kit/Relay HUD in order to use nail appliers. Omega kits can be purchased at Omega Solutions in-world.  (Kits are L$50 for Omega Support group members).


More resources //  Omega Supported Meshes // Omega Installation Help

Maitreya & Tuty

Please keep these notes in mind:

* Tuty: Not all sets have Tuty appliers included; please pay close attention to the logos on the product vendor before purchasing!

* Maitreya: Maitreya pedicures are included with each set.  Any included manicure mixes (different design for each nail) are only made to apply to the fingernails, not toenails.